Burnside hosts stunning Polish exhibition

The exhibition by the Polish artist Natalia Krsyzanowska at the Burnside Gallery thrilled Labour MP Katy Clark, who talks to the Voice about her interest in Polish culture.

source: www.arranvoice.com
written by Nick Underdown
8 January 2009

Until the next census, it won’t be known exactly how many Polish people live on Arran, but a recent
exhibition hosted by the Burnside is one measure of just what a vital part of Scotland’s culture Poles have become and the cultural connection that has developed over the years.

The exhibition by the Polish artist Natalia Krsyzanowska explores the many regional varieties of traditional Polish culture. The artist’s visit to Scotland took in not just Arran’s eclectic Burnside Gallery, but also included a presentation at the National Gallery in Edinburgh.

During Natalia’s visit to Arran she delivered interesting and informative presentations to local school
children, an elderly retreat and adult groups specifically interested in international costume.

The exhibition even attracted local Labour MP Katy Clark, who saw first-hand the perhaps little-known
wonders of traditional Polish culture. Katy was most impressed with Natalia’s exhibition, which included traditional customs, music, craft and folklore stories from different regions of Poland.

‘I greatly enjoyed meeting Natalia and learning about Polish traditions from her,’ said Katy. ‘She has
put much time and effort into her exhibit, and has been a superb ambassador for her country. It is fantastic that Burnside Gallery can host such worthwhile visitors and exhibits, and events such as this are a huge asset to the Arran community…I wish to thank both Natalia and Burnside Gallery for inviting me to this exhibit. It has been wonderful to see the unique aspects of Polish culture.’

Gallery Director Mhairi-Aileen Smeir said, 'Natalia spent five day presenting members from all parts
of our community with a wonderful, exciting and educational presentation of Poland and Poland’s districts, culture, art and folklore. I am delighted with the outcome of her visit and look forward to further visits from Natalia and others like her in the future.’ Natalia Krzyżanowska ilustracje